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by North Bay Joe

The sun beats against the windows of a busy coffee shop. An artfully-disheveled-looking man in his 40s approaches the counter.

Sound familiar? This is the opening scene of a new movie by local duo Wade Johnson and Johnny Waitsfield who recently founded Solid Yeast Productions in Sebastopol. "We were talking about how great it would be to make a movie about something that happens all the time and came up with these vignettes of people doing regular day to day stuff and then something unusual happens," says Waitsfield who is in his early 50s. "Yeah, we thought 'wow' what if all these people had the exact same thing happen to them at the same time," chimes in Johnson. These two have known each other since their days at Analy High School and can often be found downtown sipping coffee and sharing story ideas. Waitsfield continues, "We came up with the idea that every character would experience a single drop of rain on a cloudless day in Sonoma." Johnson adds, "... and each one would interpret the drop differently. Like it was a from a bird, person coughing, or sprinkler." "That is my favorite one," says Waitsfield, "it's very dramatic."

The movie is called "A Single Drop of Rain". Principal photography is expected to be completed in summer .


Local News

The dietary cultural board announced today new guidelines for the Dietary Agreement Act. Starting in biobased polymers will be injected into all fruits and vegetables sold at farmer's markets in Sonoma County. This new requirement is in keeping with the US Congress' Food Industry Preservation Act which requires that all individual fruits and vegetables be labelled and packaged in 2% biodegradable polymer for sale to the general public. The official statement from county legislators states, "We are pleased by this accord with the food industry and appreciate their clemency in letting our local farmers continue to sell directly to the customer. We believe that injecting all fruits and vegetables with a biobased polymer will help equal the playing field in the health disparities that many Americans suffer from." The injection method is left up the individual farmer to decide.

It wasn't a dream

by Charles Pitt

It would seem that the world is changing. Every day is different, every night the same. I awoke one morning last week with a hellish hangover from drinking too much cheap wine from one of our beloved wineries here in Sonoma. The night started out pleasant and full of good cheer but as we sampled the lesser and lesser qualities of vino using apparatus after apparatus to distill a smoother flavor, I found myself lost in the numb of methods, consumed by the general 'get it just right'. Drunk, I stumbled out to my car and drove home. I can only thank luck that I did not kill someone before my journey ended. But hey, we've all been there.