Part knowledge space, part art project Celebrate Sonoma is a noncommercial project exploring Sonoma County.

Farming Zen

Farming Zen is an asynchronous exploration of Buddhism with the basic understanding that there is no abiding self. The formulation is that you are a small variation of an ever changing experience. Follow the links for excerpts from Buddhists' talks, meditations and practices.

So So News

So So News is the very first online newspaper in Sonoma County, California to have begun 167 years after statehood. This perpetually occurring newspaper reflects the politics, culture and conventional wisdom of Sonoma County. Additionally, So So News participates in celebrating the ongoing movement of fake news.

Video Wall

The video wall provides an immersive ambient experience of Sonoma's Coast.

Portage: A Photo Collective of Sonoma County

Portage carries the everyday and the not so everyday of Sonoma County.

Ambient Playlist

Ambient video places the viewer motionless in a scene. This "slow form" of video is meant to offer the possibility of meaning by remaining neutral to its original form. Ambient video is best watched without concern or inquiry much like ambient music. Of course, being high is an option too.

Custom Search

Over 1,600 websites with thousands of web pages specific to Sonoma County are available for searching. This custom search engine was created to explore the broad and diverse experience of Sonoma County.

This search engine was discontinued due to a change in Google's ad policy which increased the number of paid ads displayed in the search results. We are looking into a more environ-mental friendly solution.

On the roads, in the towns and along the coast, everywhere you look is culture.